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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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>> i just know that cohen's office was interested in becoming more involved in the late night and early morning transportation because she feels her neighborhood is really far impact. is there still time for us to have someone bring those concerns? >> yeah. >> i think absolutely. and ben is here, somewhere. >> yeah. >> and so, if we can note that, and then, there should be, yeah, i mean back from recess before the next meeting. so i don't see why that would be a problem. >> thanks. >> all right. >> you guys are all set. >> good evening commissioners. this past end of july, july 26, the san francisco marathon was held on a sunday. everything we want off without a hitch. a couple of small stages and dj
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set ups throughout the city, and mostly in the south of market. and a couple in the dog patch. we had no complaints. and everything ended as scheduled. this past weekend, jordan and i stopped by the city center and after a meeting with staff a couple of months back. and we had recommended upgrade the camera system and recommended that they look into an id swiping capabilities at their door. the id has been put in place, and the upgrade of the camera system will be in place tomorrow. i was told. and we did get a call for service, and did get a call for service, this past weekend at closing and we are now waiting on the incident report to come
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weekends they have application form in hand and going to be sending that back this week, a
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brand new venue cabana opened and it is going to be kind of a bar and this is on the 9, toma and they actually do have a dj and i have a call into the owner to try to bring them into compliance. >> and just today, we did receive a report of a new after hours underground party at 586, 6th street and it is sort of near the highway on-ramp. and it is in the old fitness center, the window has been blacked out and i have put in a call to the city attorney to try to get some support from sfpd. to keep an eye on that and see if we can reach out to the property owner. >> and if there is no questions, i will pass it over to jordan. >> i have a couple of questions, if you don't mind. i am sorry. you didn't bring, did you bring
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up the brick yard? >> i did not. >> i have a question for the staff. didn't we hear from the brick yard before? is this an old thing? i remember the brick yard coming before us like a million years ago, literally a million. >> it doesn't have a place in our entertainment permit and they are not zoned for it. >> i think that there is some. >> yeah, okay. >> this came about, recently and just because there was some advertising going on by a third party and then, you know, we did our what we do, and then, the brick yard did send me and i was out of town, and an e-mail and so it was all fine and it is all gone and it is canceled. >> okay. >> that is all. in ethat is great. and i just wanted to mention to you that miss belequa i love the fact that you went and are having that promoters register. >> that is great. >> thank you for doing that.
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>> absolutely. it was a little bit of a concern, i believe on the back up of the old neighbors, that there was some new blood in town on mission street. so, i have encouraged the owners and managers there to get them registered and they have a couple of new buildings opening oup that street right around them and so we are going to try on *f to get everything nice and smooth. >> i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> okay, commissioners? >> expect to file a report. talk about a few issues, first i am going to talk about the bottom of the trails. basically really nothing to report on the regular patrols through the marina checking out the matrix and kt and east side and west on the fillmore, everything is good, when i have an issue with the sidewalks being too packed me and sean go ahead and talk to them about that. so there is really nothing to report there, just business as usual. the same thing with polk street and the same thing with broad
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way and so everything looks good on those fronts. there is ongoing issue at harper and rye that i wanted to touch on. so, on the 18th or 19th, the 19th of july, me, sean and commissioner joseph went by, and we talked to harper and rye about closing the doors and there is complaints about noise getting out from the doors or whatever and we talked to them about that. and they did come in to compliance and talked to them at a security meeting at next week and there is new complaints about harper and i have been down there, and i passed by and the doors have been shut in compliance with the agreement that we made and i just want to note that because there are complaints coming through and i am not sure, if it is fair to assume that they are in violation. i just wanted to point that out. moving on, sound tests i did a sound test for a place of
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entertainment permit and everything was good there and then, i have done random inspections, the last couple of weekends the 26th of july, i did the inspection and the east avenue and club, temple, vessel and i went by those venues too and everything checked out. and did an inspection on the 29th of july at super club and everything checked out. wrote a citation on the 19th of july to the pub and they have been having comedy shows or whatever and they are not permit and they have been warned, inspector burke went by a few times and so we did site them and we wrote a notion of violation to a club by the name of region and they kept their
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door open and they have been warned several times. the only other issue is euro motor cars and they have underground club thing going on there from time-to-time and it is a fund-raiser thing or something. and so basically, they are claiming that it is a fund-raiser and we noticed drinking all sorts of things that the club operations and the issue with them was the loudness of the music and they turned the music down and they did come into compliance, and that is a legal part that is going on and we feel that you guys should know about it, any questions of me? >> just for the euro motorist or whatever it is, if they want to do a fund-raiser they have to get a one day permit from us and they can do a phone raiser, and they can find the 501 c3, and pull the liquor license and they can serve booze but they really do need to get a one-day
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permit from us. so, if that happens, again, you tell them that they need to get a one-day permit, in advance, otherwise they could be shut down in the middle of their gig if they don't. >> that is exactly what i tell them. >> good. >> anything else? >> how are you liking the job? >> i am liking it a lot and it is a lot of fun and thes good to be here, doing the city business, with you all. >> that is great to hear. >> just one request, it is more administrative. i know that you are reading off of a sheet there yourself, about the incidents and inspections could you write that up and have it in the packets next time. >> definitely. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> is there any public comment on the staff report? seeing none, i will close public comment. we are going to move on to item number 4, police department comments and questions, is there any member of the police department that is will be or interested in speaking? speak now or forever hold your
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peace. all right. we are going to move on then. to item 5. which is a hearing and possible action on our permit applications. so, and hand it over to the deputity director. >> good evening, commission, and so our first item is andrea minoo doing business as limbo and the applicant has asked to this to be continued until august 19th. >> i move based on the applicant's request that we continue limbo to august 19th. >> second. >> okay. on that motion. commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner joseph? >> yes. >> hyde in >> aye. >> president tan. >> aye. >> the motion passes. >> all right, so the next one is jonathan rowe doing business as the village at 969 market street, they are going to a place of entertainment. and it is a pretty extensive
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operation budget in your binder and the proof of their community out reach and also the recommendations from southern station with that and i will turn you over to mr. renne and the rest of the village team and the village people. you have a very extensive package and i am going to speak for a moment, on page 19, out reach and a lot of letters at the end, elaine will be up in a minute and discuss that a little more. i just like to say that at the time, it has been several months since we did the letter of intent and this is a rapidly evolving project. but on the exhibit a, i would like to just orally amend it, this is primarily going to be a corporate event facility and there will be some nighttime
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entertainment activities and we have continued the extended hours permit to the call of the chair, just to give us a little time to get the operation going and improve ourselves and the neighborhood. and we will be back on any extended hours and so that should be struck from your mind at this moment. and the nighttime public events and the alcohol at the beginning will be managed by monarch nightclub from 6th and mission, and i think that you know that great track record in running a safe venue. the only other issue that we have seen the police permit and we have no problem with the police permits, however we will ask that it now states that ten a.m. until 2 a.m., every day, we would request that that be amended to 8:00 a.m., specifically, but there are corporate breakfasts that come in if they have any kind of entertainment because they want to have a piano play and that
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would sort of not allow that. but in the meantime, i would like you to introduce elaine and she will tell you about the project. >> good evening, commissioners, please to meet you here tonight. i would like to introduce our team to myself, this is jonathan rowe and he is our ceo and founder of the village and to my right is tad and john wilson also in security intelligence specialists. and it is great to be here this evening and thank you very much for this opportunity to introduce you to the village, at 969 market. this is a fairly extensive operation, that we have proposed, and we have about 17,000 square feet of space on three different levels on market street and we are fork cussing predominantly on producing high profile events,
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corporate events as well as non-profit and fund-raisers. and we have several things going on, and i would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about specifically the target audience that we are appealing to and also the community out reach and those are the two things that i want to touch on and i will turn it over to tad as well to talk about monarch's operations and we are profiling this for the up scale audiences and we think that this is going to bring in a lot of good business in the area and to the retail operations, and the restaurants. most of our clients that john works with, john rowe works with as google, facebook, and he has microsoft is one of his clients, we have a lot of actually his promotional materials are inside of your operation's plan there as well.
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and let's focus a little bit on the community out reach, which i know is yours over there and mr. hyde. and so definitely i don't want to short shift that. and i actually have spent a lot of time reaching out to the non-profits in the area as well as our community neighbors, and it has taken a bit of time to do this and we don't get necessarily, immediate results and so i have things come ng but i feel confident in terms of my conversations, i mean, we are presenting ourselves as good neighbors and that we want what they want. and we want to focus on the things that are their hot buttons like sound, crowd control, smoking in the neighborhood, and also, what we are bringing to the neighborhood. and so in terms of, you know, the audience participation, and the types of people that will be around, and how they are going to be interacting with the crowds. so i reached out and i did a peer for the alliance for a
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better district six and i had a fairly good response, actually i feel good about it and they actually asked me to come back and i said that i would be most happy to come back and present to them and also, i have met with people and i have toured them in the facility and so they can get an idea of what we are about and i reached out to tracy who i knew from the urban solutions and she has come by and toured the facility. and also, i met with karin duruker over at central utah, sro collaborativive and met with her at her offices and toured her and we have a letter of support in the back of that binder. met with sham, and julie, i don't know her last night and she is the executive director and i think that she is creative director at counter pulse, and they are moving over to turk street and she also, and i toured them both in the facility as well and urban solutions and ilean has been by and lisa today talking about the coffee cart situation in the front and i spoke with
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lion's ballet as well as judy young and i have left her a message with the youth development and the letters that you will see in the back are from central city, sro collaborativive and we also have one from the show dogs and aeg live and the war field and let me switch back, so that i know exactly what we have in the back here. we also have one from alene from urban solutions and she went an e-mail and also one from david, james, valobos, from the community leadership alliance. we have a couple of letters pending, from neighbors, because i know that was something that was one of sunny's hot button when we met her and there, we have 1009 howard and we have phillip who is a 30 year resident and so those are the two neighbors that we have reached out to and
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we have a few more that we are also expecting, as well as i talked to, reached out to the home skillet on 6th and market and farmer johns across the street from our office and so now that i have touched on those many things and i would like to introduce, tad cortel from monarch who can talk a little bit about our beverage plan and they are going to be doing all of our beverage events and producing and booking the public events. and so i will turn it over to him now and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. i hired to handle the private
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event and the public events as well. we are going to be bringing the expertise that we have over at monarch for all bar operations and utilizing that at the village. and pretty, you know, simple, i would encourage any questions that you all might have, regarding that. in addition, we will be producing in conjunction with the village, some public events as well. and once again, bringing the expertise that we have, not only have done at this point, countless, public or club events at monarch, but also having done, most recently a fairly large event at appex at sound factory which went really well. and so with that in mind, we are able to i think, bring our, healthy experience and a good traffic record to working with those guys over there. >> any questions? >> who owns the liquor license? >> we do, we will be using a
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type 58, it is our katering license. >> and so, when you use the catering license, at one address, there are limitations to how often you can use it. is that? >> 24 times. >> you can do 24 events in a calendar year. >> you will be serving alcohol during 24 days during 265 days? >> that is correct >> what beverages will you serving because i am sure that you hope to operate more than 24 days. >> well, when there are alcohol-based events, the corporate events that we will be taking care of, there will only be 24 that we can do. and then if they are going to be a number of non-alcoholic events, which the village is open to utilizing any other caterer. >> so, if they are doing coffee or something like that. >> the village does not intent to get a liquor license for themselves? >> that is in the plan, down the road.
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we have spoken with sfpd, with officer santos and chan and because there is a limitation on the 58, that we can only do 24 events a year, it makes sense to begin that application process as soon as is reasonable in order for the village to, you know, be in compliance and do a lot more than 24 events, small and large, they are going to have to go for a license, and i think that at this point. what we are looking to do, is to do the 75, the license. >> it will not survive on 24 events a year. >> yeah. >> this is a short term solution to then get the village to appoint where they can get the application process started for a 75, we have 24 in this calendar year and that resets in january. >> on days when you will not have a liquor license, and you are doing a public event, are you doing all ages of event? >> not with our license. >> on a day when you are not
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having a liquor license, on a day when you are not having a liquor license,... that is actually... >> that is a question for jonathan. >> fair enough. >> thanks. >> and according to this, it says that with the type of 75 license, you are able to do more than 24 events as a brewerry. is that the village or monarch or i am not sure. >> that is the village. >> that is the village. and certainly we will be lending whatever advice that we can in terms of making sure that process goes not only smooth but goes by the numbers. >> okay. >> how long is this relationship lasting given that they are probably going to get their own or may get their own liquor license down the line, at that point, are you what is your, or what is monarch's role? >> monarch's role potentially could part company. and they have an option, which i think is completely fair that if they get their license, they operate on their own that is not to say that when that time
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comes, we don't have a discussion like working with each other like we are doing now but certainly that is an option and a fair option that they would go on their own. >> so they could put you on as management for the bar operation. >> it is possible. we have not crossed that bridge yet. >> do you have an idea of what kind of events you plan to do for public events. >> what we have been discussing now is similar to the style of events that we have done at monarch. >> and most likely, club-style events, and edm events and what the expertise is in and it is our strength is in, and so we have the access to the people and the promoters and talent agencies and whatnot. and so it will make the most sense to those style. >> helpful to know. thank you. >> yes. >> other questions for..., well is this the end of your presentation. i don't know if there is additional people. >> why don't we get everything out here. >> we will call you back up. >> thank you. >> thank you, again.
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now i would like to introduce john winsor from sis security. >> good evening commissioners, my role is your logistics and providing a solution to the village, and from a functional standpoint and i will start with the function, it is that we have done, over the last eight years, just under 70 corporate event properties, and some viable today and some no longer. and out of that, we have a proven base of personnel, and to build an appropriate team for the events that they have. the one that was the most similar is city view over at the metrion and for these events are for the corporate customer. and as some of you know, we designed each solution, per the client, and not just a building. in addition, we have done and
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with each event and because they are going to be different for now, the protocol is to do the premeetings with the venue management which is jonathan and elaine right now and then do the premeetings with the event producer and that will be for like, and i would have the two premeetings with today with the venue and thursday the produce for themselves and based on those meetings we provide a site map that is on page with everybody and what we internally called a pid, position identification sheet that matches a site map with the first and last names and the head of security and supervisor and a primary team that are all critical positions at the breach points, fire exits and id checkers and the supervisors and the head of security will be part of the meeting and part of the first shift. we will in conclusion, on an event like this, attend to follow the ebb and flow of the crowd and so all positions except for critical will be outside, and as a line gets
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aggregated will be inside. and so we will follow the crowd, to and from. and that is in a nutshell, any questions? >> just one, and in your security plan, do you put security at exit doors, throughout the venue, even when most of them are outside? i mean is the inside of the exit doors always covered? >> yes, and so to us it will be a critical point. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and i have one, go for it. >> and so what is your recommendation, i mean market street, the closest 6th street, and i know that monarch is handling that challenge on mission, very well. and so now market street, it is still, you know there is a lot of, it is kind of dark and things and so i want to know what your recommendation and how is your team going to handle, especially the corporate events when they leave and they have to go to the parking lots, or things like that and i just want to hear your recommendations for how you are going to handle the
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patrons in that regard. >> with the experience in the neighborhood, city view, most importantly, old, and we are down jessy or market to sixth and that is often times unavoidable and we work with the parking lot if we are using the parking lot to be sure that it is well lit, all of the persons outside are gracious enough to provide the additional personnel to what i recommended which is odd, that is a 60 percent increase of what i think will be robust and part that have is line management and building the perimeter guards and we can't go across 6th street but we can insure that the customers don't walk alone. and it is a public transport or a private transportation and we insure that they don't park on sixth or whatever they work out to be sure that it is dropped.
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if there is alcohol and we are there, and to be sure that the individual does not walk down that we believe or experience are hot areas, in so far as being exposed? >> other questions related to security? commissioners? >> all right. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> any more to the presentation? >> just one more. >> last but not least, our founder and ceo jonathan rowe. >> good evening, commissioners. thank you, for taking the time. i think that my team has explained a lot about our project and what we are focusing on what we want to do with the village and the mid market area. and our intention with creating a very interesting environment for private events as well as
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some public events. and we are already functioning as a production company have been for about four years with a different entity, in the madrone studios that has been doing a variety of interactive technology and projection and design and international as well as national events for large, corporate entities as well as non-profits and we are very excited to have a home in mid market and be able to share these capabilities and have these installations and work with the other art entities as well as corporate entities to kind of merge creative and financially supported by the tech industry union of entertainment and tech. and so, basically kind of one of the foundations of what the space is for and we explain a lot in the operation's plan. and very much i am opened to hearing any questions, that you guys have in answering them.
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and i have produced a little reel of the previous events to kind of show case the things that we have done in the past. and happy to share that with you guys at any point if you want to request questions first or if i should play it first, let me know. >> commissioner? >> first of all, i love that you are doing something in mid market. it needs revitalization, the more great businesses that are there, the better for our city. i am also really pleased to see your occupancy load is what it is. we certainly don't have venues that can accommodate that size, and that is definitely an asset to our city because we do new venues of that size. >> thank you. >> i have two questions. one, under your... well let's answer the question, i asked tad before. >> on the events that will not have alcohol, will they be all ages. >> i believe that some events will be


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